What is Bybio?

Published on 29 November, 2022 | 4,893 views | 1 minutes read

Bybio has an intuitive, fast and easy-to-navigate platform.

Hello! Welcome to your new favorite tool! You've probably already heard about Bybio, but if you haven't, I invite you to meet him! You're about to meet your best friend

If you are an active person in social networks, you should know that organization and personalization are important pillars so that your brand can correctly convey its message, regardless of whether you are a content creator, public figure, company or organization.

Using Bybio will help you unify all the links to redirect your audience to the destination site according to their interest, all in one place, quickly, interactively and safely, acquiring statistical information from your users such as:


- Last activity

- Origin of traffic (website)

- Countries (Geographic location)

- Devices (Mobile/Desktop)

- Browsers (Chrome/Mozilla/Explorer/Opera)

- Language (Default browser language)

- Operating System (IOS/Microsoft)

In addition to knowing your audience, it is also important to have knowledge of remarketing strategies, and for this, we have Google Pixel + Facebook Pixel, which take advantage of the browsing data, obtained by cookies, from users who have already visited your bybio.

Why are we better than linktree and all the competition?


Bybio has an intuitive, fast and easy-to-navigate platform. Our Pro plan is the cheapest on the market and includes special functions that boost your business and position your brand. For just $4.99/month you can get complete customization that stays true to your brand and turns heads. With Bybio you have the complete analysis of the statistics of clicks, locations, devices, subscriptions, etc. so that you can carry out the best strategies while protecting your personal data, in addition to not seeing an ad on the page or on your link

Last updated on: 29 November, 2022