How to Create a Bybio?

Published on 29 November, 2022 | 5,209 views | 1 minutes read

Bybio was created to gather all your links in one place, there you can transform and customize them with a clean design and attractive buttons that allow you to have a striking image where the information goes to the exact place. For this reason it is important that you know how to organize your Bybio well to communicate, in the best way, the essence of your brand


Enter click on Register and insert all your data


After registering, choose the plan that best suits your needs

Tip: The PRO plan has many more benefits, go ahead and use it


On the main page you will have an overview of your account, to create a biolink click on the Creal Biolink button


Write the name with which you want to see in the URL of your link


In customization you can find all the options to adapt your bybio in the way you like, for example, add the background you want and the main name

Remember that every time you make a change you must hit update so you don't lose your work

step 6

In functionality you can add icons, social networks and the links that you want to appear in your Bybio! Also within each tab you can give movement, color and intensity to the buttons to make them more striking.


Now you can use your Bybio link and connect your audience with your best content


Put it on all your profiles! And encourage others to create their Bybio

Last updated on: 29 November, 2022